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Available Puppies & Upcoming Litters

Take a peak at our current and upcoming litters. For current updates and photos please add us on Facebook or Instagram #pasternakpoodles

We sometimes work off of a waiting list with families who have been waiting for months at a chance for a puppy. On occasion we will have a puppy immediately available. Please contact us. Just because a litter says it's completely reserved we may still have a spot open once the puppies are born.

*This page may not always be up to date.

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Pasternak Poodle Puppies

We offer a $200 discount for Military and First Responders

It's my pleasure to share my love of animals with everyone I meet, especially our poodles! We love how intelligent, family friendly and loving this breed can be when they find the home that is right for them. That is to say every poodle is different in their own way. We believe in healthy breeding standards and are constantly looking out for the betterment of the breed as a whole. With temperament, health and loving families at the forefront, every decision is made with love and care.

Our Waitlist

Our puppies are pre-loved before they are born. Alaska has an amazing community of poodle & doodle families. If you are interested in getting a puppy from one of our litters and don't want to miss out please fill out the puppy application. Once approved, your non-refundable deposit of  $1,000 will hold a slot on the waitlist. This will go towards your final puppy payment. As soon as we have a puppy or upcoming litter you will have have a puppy pick in order of deposits received.

Steps to get a Pasternak Poodle

Step 1

Please do research on this breed. Make sure this breed with match your family and puppies' needs and figure out which litter your interested in.

Step 5

Follow instructions for preparations for taking your puppy home, including buying all of your essentials and schedule their follow-up vet appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled take home date 

Step 2

Once you find out which upcoming litter your interested in, fill out a puppy application. Please add us on Instagram and feel free to Private Messaage me. It is so important that our future puppy families understand our puppy culture.

Step 6

Once the pups turn 8 weeks we will get their first vaccines, veterinary exam, deworming, and microchip inserted*. 


Step 3

Once your application has been approved, we will contact you to submit your deposit and your name will be added to our waitlist. For your convenience We accept Cash, Check, AlaskaUSA bank transfer, PayPal or Venmo.

Step 7

Take home day! Puppies go home between 8-9 weeks of age after their initial round of vaccinations and after final payment is made in full.

Step 4

I will add you to the group message with all the families getting a puppy from the same litter. This is where the community starts. I will update you on the group text when labor starts, during the delivery, and during the whelping of the litter. 

What comes with your Pasternak Poodle pup?


First set of 8 week vaccines before puppies go home.

Health Guarantee

Two year health guarantee from all genetic diseases dependent on their spay/neuter certificate.

Puppy Updates

Daily and Weekly Pictures and health updates such as weight 


Scheduled Deworming

Licensed Vet

A licensed veterinarian involved every step of the way

Early Stimulation Training

A puppy raised in a family environment and brought up using early stimulation training. 


Our poodles live in our home as our family and pets. With that said, our puppies are very socialized and cared for in a loving home.

We are not backyard breeders or a puppy mill. We health test and genetic test all of our dogs to ensure safe breeding practices while consulting with licensed veterinarians to further ensure happy, healthy litters. We like to get to know a family before they take one of our puppies home. Once you take one of our pups home, they are family for life!

Our puppies are cared for by our whole family because they are family. 

These dogs are lovable, affectionate, gentle dogs that need families who will love them forever. 


pedigree to prevent in-breeding. We have tested all of our dogs to ensure they are not related. 

Due to this issue, we ask that all families sign a spay and neuter contract. Our 2 year health guarantee depends on whether you have met the terms of the spay/neuter contract. Intact dogs that pose a risk of running away, getting off leash, or coming into contact with another dog unintentionally can pose health risks and unwanted pregnancies. 


Our Poodles are genetically tested so that we can provide happy healthy puppies. Your puppy will come with a 2 year health guarantee dependent on the puppy being spayed/neutered within 1 year. You must provide a spay/neuter certificate from a licensed vet and proof of genetic deficiency that lead to their demise or treatment. This provides a replacement puppy from a future litter or full refund for the original cost of your puppy. 

Shedding, size, or variation in color does not constitute a genetic deficiency. A genetic deficiency is generally fatal or effects the dog's quality of life resulting in euthanasia.