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Become a Guardian Home

Guardian Homes are the perfect opportunity for families wanting a beautiful Poodle as a part of their FURever family without the initial cost of outright purchasing a Poodle.

We are not a kennel breeder, because kennel raised dogs do not get the socialization and stimulation to be a well balanced, happy & healthy dog for life. We believe every dog deserves a family. 

A guardian home is not a foster home. It is a forever home for you and one of our carefully selected puppies. Once the Guardian Dog passes extensive health and genetic testing, they will become part of our breeding program and remain in your care until shortly before the litter is due. They will remain with us until the litter is weaned and then returned to your care. 

Complete our application below to see if you qualify to join our Guardian Home families. All Guardian Homes are subject to a scheduled home visit for Health & Safety reasons before puppies are placed and routine check-ins as the Breeder oversees the health and well-being of the dogs during the contract period. 

Once your application and home visit are approved, a complete contract and outline of Breeder and Guardian expectations will be sent to you for approval. Since we are a small family owned and operated poodle family, Family members and recommended friends will be given first choice once approved. 

If we like the fit but do not have any puppies available today, you will be added to our waiting list and contacted on a later date as more puppies are expected.

Some of the benefits of Becoming a Guardian Home include...

- Significant Discount of puppy​

- We pay for the spay or neuter after the dogs breeding period has ended and we transfer ownership to you. 

Our guardian homes are very carefully chosen. Here is a list of some of the requirements to become a guardian home for Pasternak Poodles.

  • You must live within 120 miles of Wasilla, AK.

  • Must be willing to sign and notarize Guardian Contract.

  • Be able to provide a safe, clean, loving forever home.

  • Must have a fenced in yard.

  • Previous dog experience is a plus.

  • Must not own or allow access to any intact dogs of the opposite sex.

  • Must be able to afford dog food, regular grooming every 6-8 weeks, regular vet checkups, vaccinations as well as flea/tick & parasite control and de-worming.

  • Be willing and able to train and socialize your puppy.

  • Must sign a contract to keep your puppy on a leash during heat cycles (15-21 days every 6 months for females) until breeding contract is over.

  • Must be willing to give up your female dog for each whelping. This will total to about 10 weeks each time, 1 week for breeding, 1 week before whelping to adjust, and then raising of puppies to 8 weeks. Expect minimum of 4 litters before we retire your dog. 

  • If you are a Guardian Family of one of our male dogs, we will need to bring the male dog to our home for brief engagements.​

  • Refrain from agility, jumping, excessive use of stairs and long distance running during the puppies first 18 months. Over working the hip joints at a young age is known to cause Hip Dysplasia, even if the dog is not genetically vulnerable to develop Hip Dysplasia. 

  • Must be able to afford monthly pet insurance.

 If you are interested in being a Guardian Home, please email us about you and your family. DO NOT contact us if you are just interested in getting a "free" puppy, Guardian Families have more responsibilities than the average dog owner.

Pasternak Poodles retains the right to refuse anyone interested in this program that we do not feel is a good match for a dog or our program. 

Review a SAMPLE Guardian Home Contract here to get a better idea of the Guardian and Breeder Responsibilities. Sample contracts are not final. A final contract will be sent directly to an approved guardian home at the time of placement. 

Select all that apply to your home (subject to inspection)

Thank you for your application! We will get back to you with our decision and availability soon.


Puppies Looking for a Guardian Home

We reserve the first pick from some litters to go to an approved guardian home. We currently do not have any puppies looking for a Guardian Home. Check back often or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our available puppies! 

Occasionally we will have incoming puppies that need guardian homes that will be posted here and on our social media sites. Please contact us for additional information or any dogs/puppies we have available.